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June 2008
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Women undermined by subtle discrimination

'Women suffer more as a result of subtle sexism than as a result of open gender discrimination. Subtle forms of discrimination affect one's self-image, which lowers performance. Victims can come to think that they have been justifiably rejected,' states social-psychologist Sezgin Cihangir.
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Making new blood vessels already possible in mice

People suffering from serious vascular problems are currently treated with coronary angioplasty or they receive a bypass or stent, which may lead to various kinds of problems. Research on methods for treatment continues. On 20 June, experimental vascular biologist Professor Dr Paul Quax expanded on this subject in his inaugural lecture.
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Prof. Paul van der Heijden re-elected as Chairman of ILO Human Rights Commission

Prof. Paul van der Heijden, Chairman and Rector Magnificus of Leiden University, and Professor of International Employment Law, was re-elected as Chairman of the ILO Commission on Human Rights, which monitors the freedom of trade unions and of collective negotiations in the ILO member states.
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Dutch championship for SIFE Leiden student entrepreneurs

On 6 June 2008, SIFE Leiden became the Dutch SIFE champion. The Leiden student entrepreneurs are creating economic opportunities for others in Bolivia and Madagascar. As Dutch champion, SIFE Leiden will compete for the World Cup in Singapore at the beginning of October.
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‘The most impressive water sports centre for students'

'Out of bed and straight into the boat', this is the promise made by the new Student Water Sports Centre. It was opened officially on Friday 6 June. 89 water-loving students live above the boat houses.
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University libraries launch new English website

The new English website of the University libraries will be a one-to-one translation of the Dutch website. Initially, the new website will contain primarily practical information. In the coming period, the website will gradually be expanded to include further translations of the Dutch website. 
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Calling all International Students
ISN-R (International Student Network – Representation) seeks new board members for 2008-2009 
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Below is a selection of forthcoming activities conducted in English.

15 June - 1 August
Summer course:
Institute of Environmental Sciences
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10 -20 July
Media Technology MSc Exhibition
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Until 23 June
Exhibition: Education in Mali
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26 - 27 June
12th International Symposium on Malay/Indonesian Linguistics (ISMIL12)
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28 June
International Workshop: Minority Languages in the Malay/Indonesian Speaking World
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7-8 July
Studying Islam in Southeast Asia: State of the Art and New Approaches
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7 July - 1 August
Columbia Summer Program in American Law
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14-18 July
Summer course in International Tax Law
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28 July - 8 August
Leiden Summer School in Languages and Linguistics
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25-27 August
38th Colloquium on African Languages and Linguistics
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28-29 August
XV Congreso Internacional de Ahila: "Crisis y Problemas en el Mundo Atlántico"
15th international congress of Ahila: "The Precolonial World and its Transformations"
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1-5 September
12th International Conference of the European Association of Southeast Asian Archaeologists
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